The Ultimate Teacher

Our children had a friend over the other day. He was learning about evolution in school and decided to tell them that humans came from apes. Our children went back and for with him for a while, but he kept asking them for “proof,” so they called me into the conversation.

We talked about how the theory of evolution was unproven and meant to explain the origin of our world without God. I told him that the Bible explains how we were made separate from the animals, in the very image of God. I offered to share books and resources for him to explore himself. . .

But he said that that was what his teachers told him, and he believed whatever they said.

As a former public school educator, I’ve come to see that schools teach far more than academics.

They teach compliance. They teach relativism and humanism.

They teach our children that they are nothing short of a cosmic accident, derived from animals.

And now, they want to teach them to be racist, to hate their country and heritage, to be okay with the murder of the unborn, and to explore their genders and sexuality as children. (Find out more about Comprehensive Sexuality Education here.)

Some teachers in the system are opposed to this and truly wonderful, and I admire all that they are doing to stand in the gaps for the children. They are holding the line and going above and beyond.

But the truth is, the system is set up to be the ultimate “teacher.”

And this ultimate teacher is teaching a message that is completely anti-God, anti-family, and anti-critical thinking.

The child above is brilliant and respectful, but he is being trained to accept that teacher’s message without question. . . as are all of the other students.

They are being taught to listen to the “experts” so that they, in turn, can learn the information and facts that they will find on a test. They are also being taught to disregard and ignore anything that challenges those "facts."